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We provide online matrimonial services with horoscope matching.The service has been optimzed for Indians with inputs specific to traditional Indian wedding. There is user friendly and simple search option that can fetch hundreds of matching profiles. There are hundreds of happy and satisfied customers all over India. As an introductory offer we provide free registration and access to all our paid services.

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Terms and conditions

Membership The membership on the website is presently free. You can perform all member actions like profile search, photo viewing, horoscope viewing, contact information etc. The website owners/adminstrators/webmasters may charge a fee in the future.

Responsibility The content on this website is user created and not provided by the website owners/adminstrators/webmasters. The site is membership based and data is user provided. Registered member is responsible for the authenticity of the facts and information provided on the website. The website owners/adminstrators/webmasters are not liable to any person for any kind of financial,physical,material loss incurred by the content of the website.

MisuseThe website is owned and run by Indian citzen(s) and fully abides by Indian government laws, and regional state laws. Any misuse of the website is punishable under appropriate Indian Penal Code sections and cyber laws.

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